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Chimney and Smoke Chamber Interior During Video Camera Inspection-ScanningVIDEO-CAMERA INSPECTIONS & REPORTS

Chimney Pro uses a high quality video-camera to check the condition of your chimney. The camera gives us the ability to go inside the flue and see things we'd never be able to see like: soot or creosote accumulation, flue pipe cracks, missing joints, gaps or obstructions. Upon special request we can make a videotape of the inspection so you can see first-hand the condition of the interior of the chimney. Our safety inspection and detailed-professional condition report will pinpoint any problems, irregularities and potential fire hazards inside or outside your chimney. Additionally, after video inspection, we'll perform a free draft test of your appliance.

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Chimney Pro's technicians strongly recommend periodical chimney scanning and probing for all older and well-used chimneys.




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